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Our Activities

"St. David's Happenings" is a booklet describing the activities at St. David's Episcopal Church.

It is published twice each year: 
      - Fall & Winter (covering September through December)
      - Winter & Spring (covering January through June)

For our latest Happenings booklet,
click here for our e.Library and click on the Happenings category.

To help out with our programs, view our Getting Involved booklet,
click here to go to our e.Library and click on the Getting Involved category.

The booklet covers:
      - planned Adult Forum programs
      - Hunger Ministries
               Crossroad Soup Kitchen mission dates
               St. David's Food Pantry
      - Outreach Ministries
               Detroit Rescue Mission
               Haiti Outreach Mission
      - Children's Programs
      - Life Long Learning Programs
      - Special Events
      - Advent & Christmas Programs
      - Musical Opportunities

Parish Council
      Meets twice a year to discuss/review the programs within 
      St. David's.